Story involving John Corben tracking down Bastion Corporation with the help of Slade Wilson and meeting Pamela Isley.

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John Corben

Dourif 3

Jason Woodrue

Story LineEdit

Mercy Graves informs John Corben that they have found an installation belonging to Bastion Corporation, the company that is supposedly responsible for tranforming John into Metallo. The installation is located in the Qurac, a country that is supposedly harbours numerous illegal activities. John insists on going to the place to find the person responsible for transforming him into a monster. Cautious that Corben will not be able to keep a cool head, Lex hires Slade Wilson to accompany John on this mission.

Meanwhile at Bastion Jason Woodrue, whom is supposedly dead, has been carrying out experiments on humans to activate their meta-gene has abducted Pamela Isley and is attempting to boost her abilities. Jason is working for the organisation called 1000, a rogue organisation that developed after breaking from Checkmate.

Opening PostsEdit

  • Mercy Graves informing John about Bastion.
  • Luthor contacting Slade for a job
  • Woodrue abducting Pamela Isley