Checkmate Edit

Checkmate is a top secret agency dedicated to protecting the world from the unique threats posed by extra-terrestrial and meta-human threats. Checkmate's origins are shrouded in mystery, though there appears to be at least some connection to the Veritas Society. Checkmate has been in operation at least since the 1970s when it engineered the down fall of the Justice Society. The full scope of Checkmate's operations are unknown to any save the Royals. Lower level agents may not even be aware they are working for Checkmate.

Lionel Luthor

Lionel Luthor, White King

Amanda Waller

Amanda Waller, Black Queen

The Royals Edit

The Royals are the controlling board of Checkmate, modeled after the opposing pieces of chess. Each Royal has a vote and any action Checkmate must carry by a three to one vote minimum.

Katrinna Armstrong

Katrinna Anderson, White Queen

Senator Henry Knight

Senator Henry Knight, The Black King

Under the command of each Royal is their court consisting of agents designated as their Knight, a field operative and their Bishop, a political, technical and tactical adviser.

The current Courts are as follows:

Black King

  • Knight: recently vacated
  • Bishop: unrevealed

Black Queen:

  • Knight: Sargent Steel
  • Bishop: unknown

White King

  • Knight: Caine
  • Bishop: Cliff DeVoe

White Queen

  • Knight: unrevealed
  • Bishop: King Faraday

The Rooks are a specialized covert action team who answers to the council as a whole. They cannot be dispatched without a vote by the Royals. The membership of the Rooks is unknown.

Finally there are the rank and file agents known as Pawns, recruited from various military and law enforcement agencies through out the world.

Goals Edit

Checkmates goals can be summed up in a simple classical quote: Quis custodiet ipsos custodes "Who Watches the Watchmen?" The answer is Checkmate, because at some point those with power always choose to us it and on that day Checkmate plans to be ready.