Role CallEdit


Bruce Wayne, The Batman


Chloe Sullivan


Officer Sharon Saunders


Day of the Gun

The Model 1861 Navy Colt

The Batman becomes aware of a murder committed on the prior day. The killing attracts his attention because the gunman is a decorated police officer who walked into a Starbucks and shot an unarmed man with no criminal record. The murder weapons is an 1866 cap and ball Navy Colt. While investigating the first murder The Batman learns of a second killing, again by a police officer using the same gun. Batman is able to stop a third killing and defeat the would be murderer another decorated member of the MPD Hours later another killing occurs using the same gun that Bruce knows was in the evidence locker at the MPD. Over the course of the day The Batman tracks down the origin of the gun to an outlaw, "Gentlemen" Jim Craddock, who terrorized the Smallville and Metropolis area in the years following the Civil War. The Batman discovers the link between the victims is they are decedents of the posse that was responsible for bringing Craddock and his gang to an end and deduces that the next likely victim is none other then Lionel Luthor. As evening falls the Batman races to the Luthor Mansion outside Smallville .

Opening PostsEdit

  • Bruce reading about the first murder as part of his morning research.
  • Sharon arriving at MPD
  • Chloe calling Bruce on the phone.