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J'onn J'onzz


Barry Allen


Hal Jordan






The God of Dread, Deimos in an attempt to draw out the Amazon champion into the open, unleashes on Metropolis, his own deadly minion, Devastation or Deva. Deva begins to


wreak havoc upon havoc on the city, believing that catastrophe would draw out the champion to help those imperiled.

Upon her arrival, Deva unleashes a series of devastating earthquakes to sections of Metropolis. Rendering assistance, Hal Jordan meets Barry Allen and J'onn J'onzz for the first time. In the meantime, Diana has just arrived in Metropolis and is struggling to understand what is happening.

When Diana has yet to appear, Deva heighten the stakes, using her power to enter the minds of ordinary citizens, escalating their fear into frenzy, until everyone succumbs to violence in trying to escape the danger of earthquakes, turning on each other like animals. J'onn is able to shield Hal and Barry from falling prey to these psychic assaults. Deva continues creating earthquakes, this time concentrating them on the seabed which creates lethal tsunamis. At this point, Diana learns that Deva is doing this to force her to reveal herself. Wanting to stop further damage, Diana steps forward and discovers that Deva was only meant to draw her out so that she can be killed by Deimos. As Diana fights Deimos, the rest of the League is forced to deal with Deva who relishing disaster, is preparing to send Metropolis into the sea.

Deva's PowersEdit

Deva was created in the same way as Diana, except she was created by TItans and her powers were gifted by them.

  • Harrier gave the gift of speed and flight
  • Disdain gave the gift of beauty and the ability to control emotions
  • Titan gave strength and the gift to create earthquakes
  • Slaughter gave the precision of the killer and the knowledge of the way to immediately kill any living thing
  • Arch gave the gift of a cunning strategist's mind that flows like quicksilver
  • Oblivion gave the gift to enter one's memory and shape it to her will

Opening PostsEdit

  • Deimos and Deva arriving in Metropolis. This will be a moderator post by Scribe.
  • Barry, J'onn and Hal's current location.
  • Diana making her way to Metropolis.