Jack Marek

Jack Marek is a con artist and professional thief with meta-human abilities currently operating in Metropolis.

Early HistoryEdit

Jack Marek was born on November 13th, 1976 in Paisley, Scotland (just east of Glasgow). The younger of two boys, his early childhood was a relatively comfortable and simple one. His father worked as a construction worker, while his mother was a waitress at a local tavern. His older brother, Charles, was generally in and out of trouble.

Jack's life changed forever when he was ten. His parents were killed in a car accident (their vehicle was hit by a train). Now, with older brother Charles as his only guardian, he began changing...hanging out with his brother, and generally getting in all kinds of trouble. The pair were caught robbing a liquor store when Jack was seventeen. In the ensuing scuffle with the police, Charles accidentally killed one of the officers. He was sentenced to life in prison without parole. Jack was given the choice - enlist in the military or join his brother in prison.


Choosing life in the British Army, Jack lasted for two years before going AWOL and escaping to the United States. In New York City, he met a feisty blonde named


Kimberly Knight. The pair shared both expensive well as the love of a criminal lifestyle. Teaming up, they moved from city to city, stealing and running scams. The pair officially married in June of 2005.

Recently, the pair has moved to Metropolis.


Jack is methodical and calculating.

He is more street-smart than book smart, but he is more intelligent than he lets on. Outside of Kimberly, he trusts almost no one. He can be exceptionally charming, but can be equally intimidating when the situation calls for it. He is not afraid to use violence to solve a problem. Like Kimberly, he enjoys an extravagant lifestyle and has expensive tastes.

Vital StatisticsEdit

Age: 32

Height: 6'2

Hair: Dark Brown, very short

Eyes: Grey/Green

Distinguishing Marks/Features:

Multiple tattoos, perpetual 5 o'clock shadow

Place of Birth: Paisley, Scotland

Race: Human


  • William Marek (father - deceased)
  • Janet Marek (mother - deceased)
  • Charles Marek (brother - currently incarcerated in Scotland)
  • Kimberly Knight - Marek (wife)


Jack has the ability to control and manipulate both cold and ice. He is vulnerable to both physical and psychological attacks, and is especially susceptible to heat-based attacks. He is a professional safecracker, lock picker, and document forger.