Kimberly Marek

Kimberly Marek is a professional con artist and gambler, operating in Metropolis with her husband Jack.

Early HistoryEdit

Kimberly Ada Knight was born on February 17th, 1979 in Savannah, Georgia. The only child of Steven and Anne Knight, her upbringing was very posh and comfortable. Her parents were both old money, and Kimber wanted for little. She was raised to appreciate the finer things in life.

As Kimber got older, she began to get in trouble, usually involving gambling. It soon got to the point where no one would play cards with her. She was involved in acting classes, and thanks to her parent's money, was granted the best instructors. She became especially good at accents. When she was a senior in high school, her parents died in a plane crash. She sold off everything she could, and started her new career in crime.


When Kimber turned twenty-one, she had made her way to New York City. It was there she met Jack Marek. Recognizing a


fellow partner in crime, the pair hooked up and quickly became inseparable. They got married in June of 2005.

The pair has recently relocated to Metropolis.


Kimber is brash, egotistical, and outgoing to a fault. She often leaps before she looks, and is impulsive to say the least. She is not above using her good looks and sex appeal to get what she wants. Beyond Jack, she cares little about what anyone thinks of her. She can bluff with the best of them.

Vital StatisticsEdit

Age: 30

Height: 5'5

Hair: Blonde, short and curly

Eyes: Brown

Distinguishing Marks/Features:

Three tattoos (a rose on her right ankle, a tribal band tattoo on her lower back, and a broken heart on her left hip).

Place of Birth: Savannah, Georgia

Race: Human


  • Steven Knight (father - deceased)
  • Anne Knight (mother - deceased)
  • Jack Marek (husband)


Kimber has the ability to transform inert matter into explosive energy. The longer she 'charges' an object, the stronger the explosion. Larger objects take her longer to charge up, so she generally sticks to smaller things. Kimber is vulnerable to both physical and psychological attacks. She cannot charge living tissue.


  • High school diploma
  • Expert in gambling (especially cards, craps, and horse racing).
  • Is very good at imitating accents and dialects.