Lex Luthor is the current CEO, COO, and majority shareholder of the Luthor Corporation. Son of Lionel Luthor, the former head of the company.

== The Black Sheep ==

Son of Lionel and Lillian Luthor, he grew up as almost an only child. He had two brothers, one, illegitimately, which he didn't meet till much later in his life, Lucas. The other, Julian. Despite being the eldest, despite the fact Julian life was cut tragically short, when he was murdered in his crib. Lex was never the favorite child. Even when he was the only child Lionel had to dote on, he was forgotten, ignored, pushed away. Placed in the care of nannies, hired help, or underlings.

This would not stand.


Lex fought, tooth and nail. He fought for his right to be loved, he fought for his right to be a Luthor. He fought for his intelligence. He pushed himself, he pushed himself forward and learned over time to push himself away. His father didn't want to have anything to do with him? Fine. He'd give him a reason to pay attention.

Unfortunately, his attention grabbing, boundry pushing behaviour eventually led to his brief exile. He was forbid from Luthor Corp. Proper, banished from Metropolis, given one small plant, the original Luthor Corp. plant in fact, in Smallville, Kansas.







Personality== Personality

[edit] Vital StatisticsEdit

Age: 20 plus

Height: 6ft

Hair: Black, though he is prematurely bald

Eyes: Brown

Planet of Birth: Earth

Hometown: Metropolis

[edit] Weapons/Skills/PowersEdit

Self explanatory