Mercy Graves Edit

Mercy Graves is an employee of LuthorCorp. She appears to be Lex Luthor's personal assistant, body guard and Chauffeur.


Mercy Graves

Background Edit

Little is known about the past of the woman known as Mercy Graves. She apparently came to the attention of Lionel Luthor while still a child. Lionel provided her with her a stellar education at some of the finest Universities in the world. She was also received training at some point in less savory matters, not the least of which would appear to be the art of assassination. At some point Mercy appears to have fallen out of favor with Lionel and was sent into exile. Once can assume that it was a matter involving Lex Luthor as one of his first acts upon assuming control of LuthorCorp was to recall Mercy. Since returning to Metropolis the Femme Fatale Girl Friday is never far from Lex Luthor's side.

Powers, Skills and Abilities Edit

Thus far Mercy has exhibited no meta-human capabilities. Mercy appears to possess the following skills and abilities

  • Eidetic Memory
  • Advanced Firearms training
  • Advanced Hand to Hand Combat training as well as knife and stick fighting.
  • Small unit tactical training
  • Executive Protection and Security Training
  • Executive avoidance training.
  • Advanced Emergency Medical Training
  • High speed vehicle operation, pursuit and avoidance training
  • Business Administration