It has been one year since Clark Kent disappeared.

Lex Luthor hurtles towards a destiny of darkness while Lana Lang reaches out to the troubled meteor infected victims of Smallville afflicted by strange abilities they cannot control.

Meanwhile Chloe Sullivan has joined forces with Oliver Queen, sharing his dream of uniting men and women with special abilities that has taken a life of its own.

Clark returns to Metropolis to find that he is no longer Metropolis' only protector.

Oliver's dream has become the League.

Metropolis Role Playing GameEdit

Set in Metropolis, this is an Alternate Universe stemming from the events of Smallville.

The game is open to all DC heroes and villains, provided that they are given the contemporary Smallville treatment. Supporting made up characters are allowed and non-canon heroes are permitted by negotiation only.

The game will focus on the League but also the private lives of the heroes, their interaction with the Metropolis Police Department and the Isis Foundation.

This is an adult game and membership is by invitation only.

If you wish to join, please make inquiries of Metropolis Role Playing Game

Disclaimer: All things Smallville belongs to the CW Network and DC Comics, no copyright infringement is intended.

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