Role CallEdit


Arthur Curry, Aquaman


Sandra Knight, the Phantom Lady


Lois Lane, Reporter


An Isis research vessel is taken over by pirates who hold the scientist and research personal on board hostage, while using the vessel to facilitate an ecological disaster by releasing a radioactive element into the sea.

The VillainsEdit

Fadeaway man 2

The Fadeaway Man

The Fadeaway Man The Cloak of Cagliostro allows the Fadeaway Man the ability to teleport and travel through other dimensions. He is also Skilled in a number of weapons, which he can access through the cloak.

Black Manta

BlackManta 2

Black Manta

Black Manta's unique armor is tailored to underwater survival and combat it grants him the following abilities:

  • Super speed swimming
  • Super Strength
  • Limited Invulnerability
  • The ability to breath under water for an extended period of time
  • Wrist torpedoes
  • Energy blast from his helmet
  • Sonar

Black Manta also carried a trident which he uses as a hand to hand weapon. Black Manta has a custom designed submarine and leads an elite unit of mercenaries.

Opening PostsEdit

Sandra and Arthur on board the U.S.S. Robinson being briefed on the situation.