Role CallEdit


Ronnie Raymond, Firestorm


Mitch Barstow, The Brute


Kara Zor-El, Supergirl


Lois Lane, Reporter


Brainwave masquerads as an elderly man and victim of meteor rock poisoining who goes to Isis seeking physical therapy, with the intention probing Lana's mind to discover what the head of Isis might know about the Justice League. Ronnie is assigned to work with the new patient and while probing his mind Brainwave discovers that Ronnie is Firestorm and takes control of him to cause havoc through out the City. Mitch is present when Ronnie is possesed and tries to save his friend but also must face Solomon Grundy, thankfully Kara is near bye and responds to the battle.

The VillainsEdit



Brainwave, stupidest looking villlain evah!

Brainwave is one of the most powerful psychics on the planet. He possess the following abilities

  • Telepathy
  • The ability to control or possess another mind or minds
  • The ability to create realistic illusions
  • Telekinesis
  • The ability to create powerful burst of mental energy capable of inflicting serious harm on an individual.

Solomon Grundy


Solomon Grundy, born on Monday

Solomon Grundy possesses the following abilities:

  • Super Strength
  • Invulnerability
  • Healing factor

Opening PostsEdit

Brainwave and Ronnie at Isis. Mitch at Isis. Kara Downtown