Role CallEdit


Dinah Lance, The Black Canary

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Vic Stone, Cyborg


Lois Lane, Reporter


The Thinker has created a computer virus that co-opts other computers and links them together to create a single supercomputer. Within two hours of the virus being launched it will have gained sufficient computation power to crack the access codes to the WhiteHorse Satellite (A top secret military satellite complete with a functioning Plasma Cannon.) Once the The Thinker has control of Whitehorse he will be able to destroy any city on the planet and hold the world at ransom. The virus has originated in five separate locations and must be disabled at the source due to the fact that the Thinker has control of twenty people scattered through out Metropolis and if there is an attempt to remotely hack the source computers using a wireless signal an electrical surge will be sent from the chip killing an innocent person.

The VillainsEdit

Thinker holo

The Thinker in Hologram form

The Thinker The Thinkers "Thinking Cap" grants him the following abilities:

  • Enhanced intelligence
  • Computer like multitasking.
  • Control over technology and machines
  • Mind control via implanted chips.

Count Vertigo

Count Vertigo 2

Count Vertigo

Count Vertigo possesses the following abilities:

  • The Vertigo Effect- Count Vertigo can affect the balance of other individuals. This power creates a vertigo like sensation in its victims. The range and nature of this ability are unknown.
  • Flight
  • As a scion of European nobility Count Vertigo is well versed in classical martial arts including Boxing, Fencing, Judo and Karate.

Opening PostsEdit

Vic and Dinah at the Hall when the Thinker breaks into the communications and issues his challenge.