Project CadmusEdit

Project Cadmus is a privately funded brain trust. Kept deep beneath Metropolis. It’s a joint project between a few lesser known government agencies, and the Luthor Corporation. Its purpose is to advance research in a number of fields outside of what is allowed through normally legal channels.


While the exact location of Cadmus is unknown, it is deep beneath metropolis the only access to it being through a scattered few tunnels hidden in privately held locations around metropolis.


It uses scientists from a number of fields, most of which while receiving a large stipend; live in the facility themselves, as they continue their studies.

Paul WestfieldEdit


Paul Westfield

Dr. Westfield is the primary executive and Chief of operations for the project overall. While he oversees the project on a day to day basis, his own specialty is the geology. He’s developed a fascination with the ‘meteor rock’, more lately classified as Kryptonite, and its effects on earth born flora and fauna.

Niles CaulderEdit


Niles Caulder

Head of Genetics, Niles Caulder is an innovator. Though, his methods are considered by the world at large to be extreme, when he was approached by Lex with an offer to join a project which, while overseen by the government, was not restrained by it, he gladly accepted the position. He’s made great advancements in the studies of meta-humans, and is currently working on recreating meta abilities in normal humans.

Anthony IvoEdit

Head of Robotics. Ivo is most likely the most brilliant scientist in the facility, but, he has in fingers in so many projects, and is so easily fascinated by new technology, new developments, new metahumans, that it is a rare miracle when he finally finishes one. His innovations are always a cut above, but his productivity leaves something to be desired.