Located in downtown Metropolis the Isis Foundation is a non-profit foundation created to improve the lives of those infected by Meteor rock and aid them in over-coming the difficulties often associated with the infection. The Foundation provides medical care, counseling, job training and placement and support.

The Foundation has branched out to include research into all meta-humans and extend its medical and scientific support to that larger community.

Additionally Isis has developed less then lethal weapons for law enforcement agencies to deal with meta-human threats, delved into green energy research and solutions to climate change and the global clean water shortage.

Isis has a strong partnership with several other charitable foundations and corporations including: Queen Industries, The Knight Trust, The Dodds' Foundation, The Sloane Trust the Wayne Foundation and Wayntech,


Lana Lang- CEO: Edit

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Lana Lang

Lana is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of the foundation. She has the final say in all policy matters and sets the agenda. She focuses most of her time on fund raising, public relations, dealing with Isis' research and financial partners.

Michael Holt- COO: Edit

Michael Holt

Michael Holt

Michael Holt is the former CEO of Holt Industries a highly successful software and high tech company. Following the death of his wife Holt entered into a deep depression and withdrew from the world, during this period Lex Luthor who was a member of Holt Industries board was able to engineer a take over and absorb Holt Industries into LuthorCorp. Michael overseas the day to day operations of the Foundation and guides the research and development departments. Holt is considered on of the most brilliant men in the world holding 14 doctorates or masters degrees.

Christopher Smith- Head of Security: Edit


Christopher Smith

A former Mercenary and Covert Operations specialist. He briefly worked for Lex Luthor and was assigned as Lana's personal protector during that period. When Lex and Lana had their split Christopher resigned from Luthor Corp and joined Lana at Isis.

Sandra Knight- Head of Special Projects: Edit


Sandra Knight

After resigning from Federal service Sandra accepted Lana's invitation based on Christopher's recommendation to join Isis. Sandra overseas sensitive operations for Isis, such as providing expert consultation to law enforcement investigating meta-human crimes, security for Isis research programs, corporate intelligence and security and other operations.

Dr. Pieter Cross- Head of Medical Research Edit

Pieter Cross

Dr. Pieter Cross

Dr. Cross is one of the foremost experts on Meta-Human and meteor infected medicine in the world. He is well known for his compassion and charitable work in the field of Medicine. He runs a free clinic in the Suicide Slum, funded by Isis in addition to his work at the facility.

Professor Kitty Faulkner- Head of Energy Research Edit

Kitty Faulkner

Kitty Faulkner

A one time employee of Luthor Corp. Dr. Faulkner left when she felt that Lionel Luthor was attempting to exploit her research for military purposes.

Dr. Sarah Charles- Head of Cybernetics Edit

Dr. Sarah Charles

Dr. Sarah Charles

Dr. Charles is a student at protegee of Dr. William Magnus. She is one of the leading researches on human cybernetic interface.