Victor Stone is a human subject to cybernetic implants code named Cyborg.
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Victor Stone was born in Metropolis. The only son and oldest child of Monique and William Stone, Victor was an intelligent and athletically gifted child. He quickly became a star football player, and was an all-state wide receiver at Metropolis High. However, tragedy struck, and his family was killed in an automobile accident that left Victor shattered and nearly dead himself.

Accident Edit

Victor was taken to SynTechnics, where he became a test subject for Dr. Alistair Kreig. Krieg implanted numerous bionic and

The Stone Family

electronic components into the subjects. Victor was the only one who survived the procedure. Feeling sympathetic for the young man, one of Kreig's assistants allowed the young man to escape. While escaping, he was struck by a car driven by Lana Lang. When he walked away without a scratch, Lana contacted Clark Kent, who tracked down the young man.

Clark soon discovered that Dr. Kreig worked for LuthorCorp and with Clark's assistance, Victor was able to escape Luthor's clutches.




Upon meeting Oliver Queen some time later, Victor found himself one of a handful of heroes that Oliver had been recruiting to join his new league. Embarking on a new life, Victor is a fully fledged member or the Justice League and in his private life, Lana offered him a position at her newly-founded Isis Foundation.


Victor is highly intelligent, yet exceptionally streetwise at the same time. He is still coming to terms with his physical alterations, and is somewhat sensitive towards the subject. He can be sarcastic and witty at times, but is a good person at heart. He feels very much alone in the world, as everyone he ever loved has been lost.

Vital StatisticsEdit

Age - 24

Height - 6'2

Hair - Black

Eyes - Brown

Distinguishing Marks - None Family:

  • William Stone - Father (deceased)
  • Monique Stone - Mother (deceased)
  • Gwendolyn Stone - Sister (deceased)

Planet Of Birth - Earth, specifically Metropolis


Victor has been extensively rebuilt with advanced cybernetic and electronic parts. His physical enhancements are as follows:

  • Enhanced Strength
  • Enhanced Speed
  • Enhanced Stamina
  • Enhanced Agility
  • Heightened Durability

He has the ability to take and erase computer data from any computer system anywhere on the planet. His left eye can be used as both a computer monitor (with which he can hack into systems), and a video camera (which can be used to record data). When his left eye is in use, it glows red.

His arms carry a pair of energy projectors. In addition, his right arm carries an ultrasonic disruptor, which emits the equivalent of one hundred thousand decibels of white noise.